Ballroom BootCamp Intensive Workshops

Spins & Turns Intensive Workshop – Beginner to Intermediate Edition!

Saturday, March 9

3:00PM – 4:15PM

Ballroom Bootcamp Intensive Workshops with Christine are geared towards our intermediate/advanced dancers. All levels are welcome to attend, however.
Work on:
⭐️ Flexibility – dancer’s warm-up and stretch sequence
⭐️ Strength – technique drills with or without weights and bands
⭐️ Technique – break down steps in slow motion with emphasis on correct body alignment and technique
⭐️ Stamina – drill our take-home practice sequence with full body action including arm styling
⭐️ Spins – learn proper turning technique and practice methods
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You do not need to be a current student at Dynamic to join any of our classes, parties or workshops

Walk-ins are welcome and no registration is needed.

Purchase class passes in advance, or at the door.