Preschool Ballet & Tap from Stretch and Grow

DANCING STARS by Stretch and Grow is available at Dynamic Ballroom!

Class occurs every Thursday from 1:30pm – 2:15pm. Drop-off your little one and pop over to Publix or Starbucks for a little break, or stay and watch if you like.


Dancing Stars is a Ballet & Creative Dance Program.  Ballet is the foundation for all genres of dance.  Our curriculum is designed to teach our children a life-long love of dance and movement.  Every class is imaginative and engaging! Your dancer will learn both arm and foot positions as well as 15-20 ballet terms that are incorporated in our performance numbers for each recital!

Our program, designed for preschoolers is an educational and developmental dance program focusing on…

  • Ballet Technique

  • Posture, Poise & Grace

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Motor Skill enhancement

  • Flexibility

There is NO registration fee. This 45-minute drop-off class is just $45/month.

More information here:

You may register online here.