The Waltz originated from the dances of several different peoples in Europe but its main predecessors were dances performed during rural festivals in

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the Czech Republic. The French dance, the “Walt”, and the Austrian “Laender” are the most similar to the waltz among its predecessors. International Waltz is danced exclusively in the

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The Quickstep evolved in the 1920s from a combination of the Foxtrot, The Chase G Chug, Charleston, Shag, Peabody, and One-Step. The dance is English in origin. Quickstep has a light-hearted mood and the movement of the dance is high energy, fast, and powerfully flowing, and loaded with syncopations.

Dance Masters 2009


Foxtrot is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.


Tango branched away from it’s original Argentine roots by allowing European, American, Hollywood, and competitive influences into the style and execution of the dance. In 1912 tango was introduced to British audiences, showcased in the successful musical comedy The Sunshine Girl. Concurrently, the dance became popular elsewhere in Europe, particularly in Paris and Europeans began to inject their own culture, style and technique into the dance.


Viennese waltz is the original form of the waltz. It was the first ballroom dance performed in the closed hold or “waltz” position and is a rotary dance where the dancers are constantly turning either toward the leader’s right (natural) or toward the leader’s left (reverse), interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch between the direction of rotation. A true Viennese waltz consists only of turns and change steps.

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